It’s Color Game o’clock!

Most of us prefer to play live, with players who happen to be present on line at the same moment. But not every hour is a green-dots hour. What’s a Color-Gamer to do?

With our Color Game clock (above), you’ll know when to expect the app’s rush hours. The time here is Universal Time, two hours behind Berlin time and seven hours ahead of California. Most Color Gamers are European: they play a little when waking up, around 7, then they get to work. Watch procrastination’s steady creep, as the app wakes up after 16:00 (14:00 UT). Peak trafic is reached late in the night at 22:00 (20:00 European time), America’s afternoon.

Now you know when to log in to find the green dots. See you tonight!

(Figure & text: Olivier Morin)

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