• Victoria Fomina's

    Some reflections on cognitive and social processes in the making of religious traditions.
  • Olivier Morin's

    Cognition. Culture. Things in between.
  • The Color Game's

    The posts on this blog explore the digital life of the Color Game, a gaming app launched by our lab. Our goal: documenting the evolution of a new language without words, and recording its birth in data. To find out more, visit
  • Johannes Mahr's

    Cerebral convolutions about mind, society and culture from a cognitive science perspective.
  • The Mint's

    This is the blog of the MINT Journal Club where we monthly discuss papers on minds and traditions.
  • Thom Scott-Phillips'

    Evolution, mind & culture in the popular press.
  • Bahador Bahrami's

    How we face difficult decisions: New rides on Buridan's ass.
  • Brent Strickland's

    This blog asks how lessons from cognitive science can help us to understand and improve on cultural activities that impact our daily lives such as science, business, and political decision making.
  • Dan Sperber's

    Easy pieces on hard issues.
  • Guest

    ICCI Invited bloggers.
  • Hugo Mercier's

    Hugo writes mainly about cognitive psychology – in particular reasoning – with the occasional foray into cultural phenomena.
  • Inge van de Ven's

    A blog on the intersections between art, literature, culture, media and cognition. By a scholar of literary and media studies who is excited about exploring the cognitive functioning of her study objects.
  • Helena Miton's

    ICCI's cabinet de curiosités. Hodgepodge of cultural items. Be my guest!
  • Radu Umbres'

    Ethnographic tidbits on minds and cultures.
  • Christophe Heintz's

    Isn't it remarkable that evolved human cognition produces scientific, economic and political stuff?
  • Pierre Jacob's

    This blog is devoted to issues in the investigation of human social cognition.
  • Stefaan Blancke's

    The diffusion of sense and nonsense.