• Technical Flexibility and Rigidity Webinar (private)

    13 Jan 2021
    Welcome to the online webinar on “Flexibility and rigidity in the use and transmission of techniques”. From September 7 to December 14, every Monday one draft will be published online for discussion.
  • 'Cultural Evolution in the Digital Age' Book Club

    29 Jun 2020
    This month, the ICCI website is hosting a Book Club devoted to Alberto Acerbi’s book, ‘Cultural Evolution in the Digital Age’.
  • 'True self' Journal Club

    24 Feb 2017
    Do people, across culture, attribute to themselves not just a self but a true self that makes them who they really are? This is what Nina Strohminger, George Newman, and Joshua Knobe argue in a forthcoming article and what we discuss in this 'Journal Club" webinar.
  • 'The Shape of Thought' Book Club

    10 Mar 2016
    Clark Barrett, evolutionary psychologist and anthropologist, professor in the department of Anthropology at UCLA, published in 2015 a book, The Shape of Thought: How Mental Adaptations Evolve, which is both an introduction to evolutionary psychology and a major contribution to its development.
  • 'The Origins of Monsters' Book Club

    10 Feb 2016
    In January 2016, our website has hosted a Book Club devoted to David Wengrow’s book, 'The Origins of Monsters', and organised by Olivier Morin. The pictures illustrating the posts all come from the "Discarding Images" website.
  • 'Speaking Our Minds' Book Club

    17 Aug 2015
    From mid-June to mid-July 2015, the ICCI website has hosted a Book Club devoted to Thom Scott-Phillips’ book, Speaking Our Mind. The book has received positive reviews in various media, including the Times Literary Supplement (read Richard Moore's review here), and has been called "an amazing job" (Stuart West),“the most important and best book ever written on the evolution of language” (Dan Sperber).
  • 'Big Gods' Book Club

    17 Dec 2013
  • Dunbar's number

    06 Jun 2012
  • Pedagogy Week

    29 Nov 2010