The study of cognition and culture today

A special series of lectures supported by the LSE Annual Fund, organised by the department of anthropology of the LSE and the International Cognition and Culture Institute. All lectures to be held at 6pm the London School of Economics, Seligman Library, room A607, Old Building, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE.
The videos of the lectures will be available here, at the Cognition and Culture Institute !

Tuesday January 12th: Paul Harris (Harvard), "Do children think that miracles are just fairy stories?" Monday January 18th: Susan Carey (Harvard), "The origin of concepts" Tuesday February 2nd.: Maurice Bloch (LSE), "Reconciling social science and cognitive science views of the self, the person, the individual etc…" Thursday February 18th: Stanislas Dehaene (College de France), "How do humans acquire novel cultural skills? The neuronal recycling model" Monday March 1st: Tanya Luhrmann (Stanford), "Hearing God: how American evangelicals learn to experience God as real" Monday March 8th: Pascal Boyer (Washington), "The naturalness of social institutions: evolved cognition as the foundation of social norms" Thursday March 18th: Natalie Sebanz (Radboud), "Acting together: How people share actions, tasks, and memories" Tuesday April 27th: Tim Ingold (Aberdeen), "To learn is to improvise a movement along a way of life" Monday May 17th: Vanessa Fong (Harvard), "Transformations of Cultural Models as they Pass
from Parent to Child in a Globalized World: Evidence from Two Longitudinal Studies of Chinese Families" Monday May 24th: Rob Boyd (UCLA) – Monday May 24, "Culture as an evolutionary phenomenon" Thursday June 10th: Hannes Rakoczy (Gottingen), "The early ontogeny of collective intentionality and normativity" Wednesday June 16th: Rogers Brubaker (UCLA), "Doing things with categories: the cognitive
turn in the study of ethnicity" Wednesday June 30th: Lera Boroditsky (Stanford), "How do the languages we speak shape the way we think?"

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