The Social Evolution Forum

Peter Turchin (co-author of Secular Cycles) and Michael Hochberg recently launched the Social Evolution Forum, a web platform dedicated to naturalistic thinking about institutions.

From the site's presentation:

The Social Evolution Forum has three dimensions. First, it is a virtual seminar, that is, a website dedicated to promoting the presentation and discussion of the most novel and important questions in social evolution theory. Second, it houses a blog dedicated to an informal discussion of current topics in social evolution, as well as policy implications of social evolution research (this blog is currently authored by Peter Turchin, but we expect that other authors will be joining in on the fun). And third, although fundamentally a communication network, the SEF also provides the foundations for inter- and pluri-disciplinary – and, ultimately, trans-disciplinary ­– collaboration. This takes the form of adverts to workshops and conferences, international funding opportunities, and the posting or publication of interim reports for specialists and for the broader community interested in social evolution.




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