from day 29/05/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Players of the Color Game frequently ask: My friend and I connected at the same moment, but I can't see anyone to play live with — is this normal? Yes. The Color Game divides players into multiple groups, randomly determined. You can only communicate with members of your own group. If you don't ...

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The Color Game’s World

Launching the Color Game was a shot in the dark. Who would hear about it? Who would play it? Would they like it enough to go on playing? Two weeks after the public launch, the Color Game's reach went beyond our expectations. Color-Gamers are becoming more numerous every day, and their origins are ...

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Introducing the Color Game

Last week, the Color Game (, the first smartphone app specifically designed to study the dynamics of language evolution was launched by our team at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. This blog will follow the development of the Color Game project. In this ...

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