TOC of the Journal of Cognition and Culture

For the Table of Contents of the latest issue of the Journal of Cognition and Culture (Volume 10, Numbers 1-2, 2010),

“The Moral-Conventional Distinction in Mature Moral Competence” by: Huebner, Bryce; Lee, James J.; Hauser, Marc D.

“Do Young Children Know What Makes A Picture Useful To Other People?” by: Allen, Melissa L.; Bloom, Paul; Hodgson, Eleanor

“Do Language-Specific Categories Shape Conceptual Processing? Mandarin Classifier Distinctions Influence Eye Gaze Behavior, but only During Linguistic Processing” by: Huettig, Falk; Chen, Jidong; Bowerman, Melissa; Majid, Asifa

“Human Nature: A Comparative Overview” by: Høgh-Olesen, Henrik

“Searching for Happiness Across Cultures” by: Damjanovic, Ljubica; Roberson, Debi; Athanasopoulos, Panos; Kasai, Chise; Dyson, Matthew

“Measuring The Mnemonic Advantage of Counter-intuitive and Counter-schematic Concepts” by: Johnson, Claire V.M.; Kelly, Steve W.; Bishop, Paul

“Oxygen and the Soul: Children's Conception of Invisible Entities” by: Guerrero, Silvia; Enesco, Ileana; Harris, Paul L.

“Should More Be Saved? Diversity in Utilitarian Moral Judgment” by: Michelin, Corinna; Pellizzoni, Sandra; Tallandini, Maria A.; Siegal, Michael

« Language and Experience Influence Children's Biological Induction” by: Anggoro, Florencia K.; Medin, Douglas L.; Waxman, Sandra R.

“Cognitive Architecture, Humor and Counterintuitiveness: Retention and Recall of MCIs” by Purzycki, Benjamin Grant

“Naming the Animals that Come to Mind: Effects of Culture and Experience on Category Fluency” by: Winkler-Rhoades, Nathan; Medin, Douglas; Waxman, Sandra R.; Woodring, Jennie; Ross, Norbert O.

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