The Color Game

How the Color Game’s players mastered the game

The posts on this blog explore the digital life of the Color Game, a gaming app launched by our lab. Our goal: documenting the evolution of a new language without words, and recording its birth in data. To find out more, visit

The average number of correct trials for a set of 10 went from 4 to 7 in the last five weeks. The error bars represent variance. n = 17832 trials.

  Some newcomers to the Color Game doubt they will ever get the game. What do these weird symbols have to do with colours? How can I use them to communicate with others? And indeed, the symbols, at first, don't mean much. The point of the game is to build a shared language with other players, and it doesn't come easy at first. But don't worry: it gets better! ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Players of the Color Game frequently ask: What do the sounds mean? Are they cues? Do they mean I chose right, or wrong? The sounds you can hear while playing are just here for fun: don't read anything into them. My friend and I connected at the same moment, but I can't see anyone to play ...

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The Color Game’s World

Launching the Color Game was a shot in the dark. Who would hear about it? Who would play it? Would they like it enough to go on playing? Two weeks after the public launch, the Color Game's reach went beyond our expectations. Color-Gamers are becoming more numerous every day, and their origins are surprisingly diverse....

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Introducing the Color Game

Last week, the Color Game, the first smartphone app specifically designed to study the dynamics of language evolution was launched by our team at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. This blog will follow the development of the Color Game project. In this first post, we first take a closer look to its characteristics from the players’ point of view, and to the features that makes it a realistic playground for the study of language evolution....

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