Nick Enfield

An action suit, not a straightjacket: Whorf on language, Guy Deutscher on Whorf

Guy Deutscher, Through the language glass - Why the world looks different in other languages (2010) - reviewed by Nick Enfield. In April of 1985, Texas Tech student and rape victim Michele Mallin made about as consequential an error of cognition as one can imagine, when she mistakenly identified ...

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Nick Enfield reviews Atran and Medin’s The Native Mind and the Construction of Nature

(We have asked Nick Enfield to share with us and thus open to discussion his review of The Native Mind and the Cultural Construction of Nature by Scott Atran and Douglas Medin, [MIT Press, 2008] published in the TLS, September 18). One success of twentieth century anthropology was to debunk ...

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Linguistic Epidemiology – Part 1, Units of analysis

In his insightful post ‘Is language a replicator?’ (June 1, 2009), Nicolas Claidière usefully critiques a recent review article by Mark Pagel on evolutionary approaches to language change (Nature Reviews Genetics Vol. 10, June 2009). Pagel’s paper (and Nicolas’s ...

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