Harvey Whitehouse

Four recipes for religion

Shrine at Qixian Monastery, China (photo Harvey Whitehouse)   Over dinner the other evening, it struck me that religion is rather like ratatouille. People disagree about the ingredients of both but in fact there is no such thing as the one true recipe for either. The concepts ...

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Anthropology in crisis – what, still?

Fifteen years ago, Anna Grimshaw and Keith Hart declared that "anthropology has been in crisis for as long as anyone can remember" (here). Has anything really changed? Today, anthropology remains a discipline riddled with rival paradigms, ferocious disputes, and fleeting fashions. Few ...

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Why do we sometimes de-humanize our fellow humans? Some preliminary reflections

(This post has been jointly written by Harvey WHITEHOUSE and Justin BARRETT) Whatever else it may entail, de-humanizing involves the de-activation of our capacity to empathize. There is now a substantial body of research in experimental psychology showing that humans have highly developed ...

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