from month 08/2017

Do chimpanzees really care about equity?

One of the most popular Youtube videos in comparative psychology features capuchins exchanging tokens for food with a human experimenter. It is fascinating to see how outraged the capuchin becomes when realizing that the experimenter is giving her cucumber while she is giving out grapes (much more tasty food) to another capuchin! After watching this video, ...

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The Extension of Biology Through Culture

A juvenile capuchin monkey observes a skilled adult male eating a nut it has just broken using a hammerstone. This picture illustrates a special issue of PNAS on the Extension of Biology Through Culture. All articles are in open access. You may also want to read here this interview with Marcus ...

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Cecilia Heyes on the social tuning of reason

  How are evolution, cognition, and culture interconnected? Cecilia Heyes and I are both interdisciplinary scholars trying to help address this basic issue but we go about it in generally different and often conflicting ways. Heyes has been a forceful critic of the Evolutionary Psychology ...

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