from month 08/2012

Does Cognitive Science Need Anthropology?

An interesting debate (edited by Andrea Bender, Sieghard Beller, & Douglas L. Medin) on the role of anthropology in and for cognitive science was published in the latest issue of Topics in Cognitive Science (2012, vol. 4, no. 3). Due to constraints of space, only a small number of scholars ...

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‘New [and polemical] thinking’ on the evolution of human cognition

A Theme Issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B on 'New thinking: the evolution of human cognition' compiled and edited by Cecilia Heyes and Uta Frith, with contributions from, among others, Robin I. M. Dunbar, Chris D. Frith, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Alison Gopnik, Eva ...

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Maurice Boch on the Cognitive Challenge to Anthropology

A new book (Cambridge UP 2012) of obvious cognition-and-culture relevance by Maurice Bloch. The blurb: "In this provocative new study one of the world's most distinguished anthropologists proposes that an understanding of cognitive science enriches, rather than threatens, the work of ...

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