from day 17/02/2009

Do economic games tell us something about real behaviours?

The last issue of Current Anthropology reports a research conducted by Polly Wiessner among the Ju/'hoan Bushmen of the Kalahari. Like a recent article by Gurven (see our previous post), this research calls into question the relevance of economic games. Here is the abstract: Experimental ...

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Post-Doc fellowship, philosophy of cognitive science, Oxford

Faculty of Philosophy POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP IN PHILOSOPHY OF COGNITIVE SCIENCE Grade 7, £28,839 - £35,469 per annum Fixed-term for two years from 1 October 2009 complete description here. A fixed-term research and teaching appointment in Philosophy of Cognitive Science ...

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Beta-blocker erases fear response related to bad memories

In the cult movie “The Matrix”, Morpheus offers Neo a choice between 2 pills: Take the red pill, and you got yourself enough trouble to make a whole film trilogy. Take the blue pill, and forget we ever had this conversation”. Scientists at the University of Amsterdam think there ...

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