from month 01/2009

Social neuroscience under attack

"A disturbingly large, and quite prominent, segment of social neuroscience research is using seriously defective research methods..." This is one of the conclusions of an exciting paper (download here) first-authored by Edward Vul, in press in Perspectives on Psychological Science. ...

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A case for the Cognitive principle of relevance

I have a cautious, even grudging, appreciation for the ideas of Sigmund Freud.  Though I am dispositionally inclined to dismiss Freud's ideas wholesale, I have come to credit him with some genuine insights, and to be curious about the automatic hostility that arose in me when first I ...

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‘Animal Minds’ on Philosophy Talk

Ken Taylor and John Perry's radio program "Philosophy Talk" is often worth listening to. On December 21, 2008, they invited Colin Allen to discuss 'Animal Minds', and the program is now online. Here is the blurb: "People have strong but divergent opinions about the nature ...

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