from day 02/12/2008

Heated debate on cognition and religion in the Guardian

If you like it hot, there has just been a heated exchange at the Guardian webpage, started by Andrew Brown reporting in his blog on a talk by Justin Barrett (whom we are proud to have as a member of this Institute) on the evolved cognitive basis of religion and agreeing with him that "the idea ...

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World Social Science Forum, Bergen, May 2009

The first "World Social Science Forum" organised by the International Social Science Council will take place in Bergen on May 10-12, 2009. It has the following goals: Topics shall be interdisciplinary and give proof of how different fields can provide complementary insights Some ...

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Culture and Perception

While taking a break, we are happy to republish some of our favorite 'oldies but goodies'. This one was first put online in December of last year (2008). It was the first installment of  a series of posts on Richard Nisbett's theory of culture and perception. Enjoy! In a lively ...

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