from month 12/2007

The color of dreams

I recently re-read a 2002 paper by philosopher and blogger Eric Schwitzgebel. The abstract is sure to catch the eye of people interested in cultural effects on cognition: In the 1950s, dream researchers commonly thought that dreams were predominantly a black and white phenomenon, although both ...

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Culture and Cognition

Since I am new to this blogging business I am trying it out by stating my most fundamental position about culture and cognition which explains my suspicion of much of the work done in this field. Culture and cognition are always inseparably combined. The processes of cognition and history, though ...

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Is Intelligent Design a cross-cultural universal ?

As I am now co-writing a paper on the cognitive basis of intelligent design, I was wondering if any of you could help me with the following question: according to Deb Kelemen, Margaret Evans, and others the design argument in theology is natural. Young children infer teleology (goal-directedness) ...

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