Workshop: Decision-making for a social world

Welcome to the Decision Making for a Social World webconference.

Through the information they transmit, the pressures they exert, the emotions they elicit, other people have an enormous impact on our decisions. Such social factors have not received all the attention they deserve in the study of decision making. But new trends in decision making are starting to fill this gap. The goal of this conference is to bring together some of the top researchers who are working to incorporate the social world into the study of decision making.

Every two weeks or so, a new paper will be posted online. Everybody will be able to comment on the articles, with the authors joining the discussion.

A more substantial introduction can be found here, using reasoning as an example of a mechanism that can be better understood if we take into account its social function.

The conference will proceed according to the following schedule:


February 2

Hugo Mercier (University of Pennsylvania)

Introduction – Reasoning as a social device


February 14

Erte Xiao (CMU)

Profit-Seeking Punishment Corrupts Norm Obedience


February 21

Zoe Chance (Harvard) & Michael Norton (Harvard)

"I read Playboy for the articles": Justifying and rationalizing questionable preferences


March 14

Benjamin Converse (University of Virginia) & Ayelet Fishbach (University of Chicago)

Instrumentality Boosts Gratitude: Helpers Are More Appreciated While They Are Useful


March 28

Erte Xiao (CMU) & Cristina Bicchieri (University of Pennsylvania)

Words or Deeds? Choosing what to know about others


April 11

David Kyle (UC Davis) & Saara Koikkalainen (University of Lapland)

Cognitive Migration:The Role of Mental Simulation in the (Hot) Cultural Cognition of Migration Decisions


April 25

Ann Tenbrunsel (Notre Dame), Jennifer Jordan (Groningen), Francesca Gino (Harvard) & Marijke Leliveld (Groningen)

Moral Compensation and the Environment


May 9

Ilan Yaniv & Shoham Choshen-Hillel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Exploiting the wisdom of others: A bumpy road to better decision making


May 23

Julia Minson (Wharton) & Jennifer S. Mueller (Wharton)

The cost of collaboration: Why joint decision-making exacerbates rejection of outside information


June 6

Eric Igou (University of Limerick)

Judgments and decisions based on attempts to disambiguate the given information: The effects of decision frames, non-diagnostic information, and information order


June 20

Adam Grant (Wharton) & David Hoffman (UNC)

It's Not All About Me: Motivating Hospital Handwashing by Focusing on Patients


July 5

Robert Kurzban (University of Pennsylvania)

Modularity and decision making


July 18

Michael Liersch (NYU), Craig McKenzie (UCSD) & Shlomi Sher (UCSD)

Framing effects, default effects, and trust


August 1

Joe Kable (University of Pennsylvania)

Social influences on "Self"-Control


August 14

Philip Tetlock (University of Pennsylvania)

Uncovering and punishing unconscious bias


We hope many of you will enjoy the papers and join in the discussion!

Many thanks to the institutions that have made this webconference possible: the International Cognition and Culture Institute (and its institutional supports the LSE and the Jean Nicod Institute as well as its webmasters Olivier Morin and Nicolas Claidière) and the Philosophy, Politics and Economy program of the University of Pennsylvania.

Hugo Mercier




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