‘Cultural Evolution in the Digital Age’ Book Club

Alberto Acerbi’s timely new book, Cultural Evolution in the Digital Age, offers a cultural evolutionary perspective on our behavior online, and on its cumulative effects on information diffusion and cultural transmission. The ideas he develops, supported by a vast body of quantitative and experimental research, are definitely worth a Culture-and-Cognition book club.

The book club opens today and will close on July 12th. Today, we publish Alberto Acerbi précis of his book. In the coming three weeks, we will publish commentaries by Alex Mesoudi, Gloria Origgi, Hugo Mercier, Mathieu Charbonneau, Olivier Morin, Pascal Boyer, Sacha Altay, and Tiffany Morisseau. Then Alberto’s reply to these commentaries and, at that point, the discussion will be open to all.

Tiffany Morisseau and the ICCI team

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