World Social Science Forum, Bergen, May 2009

The first "World Social Science Forum" organised by the International Social Science Council will take place in Bergen on May 10-12, 2009. It has the following goals:

Topics shall be interdisciplinary and give proof of how different fields can provide complementary insights Some sessions will show how the social sciences are engaging with both the humanities and the natural sciences The empirical orientation will be broadly comparative, aimed at using cross-national data, historical diversity and the impacts of institutional variation to gain insight The Forum will demonstrate the relevance of social research for public policies and social interventions The issues addressed will have a broad public interest across countries and cultures and will encompass major current issues such as development or climate change The questions raised, approaches used and research presented should be scholarly, innovative and original, designed to re-examine established views by means of critical study and to contribute to generalisable knowledge

There is a Call for papers for a Poster Sessions

– Participants are invited to submit papers for presentation at the Poster Sessions.
– Those who submit papers, must provide a concise and readable abstract of not more than 250 words by February 1, 2009.
– The research reported should be original and not published before (it may be submitted, but not yet printed in a professional journal. If it has been accepted for publication, the journal should be identified.)
– The body of the abstract should include the purpose of the research, and a brief overview of methods, results and conclusions.

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