Is there a “true self”? A webinar to begin February 12.

Some recent work in experimental philosophy and in social psychology addresses central issues in cognition and culture. Case in point: an  article by Nina Strohminger, George Newman, and Joshua Knobe entitled “The True Self: A psychological concept distinct from the self” (forthcoming in Perspectives on Psychological Science and available here.) A “journal club” webinar discussing this article and, beyond, the place of this kind of work in cognition and culture research will begin Sunday, February 12. We will post successively a precis of the article prepared by the authors, seven commentaries by Simon Cullen, Ophelia Deroy, Victoria Fomina, Larry Hirschfeld, Gloria Origgi, Brent Strickland, and Radu Umbres, and the reply of the authdiscussion of the precis and of the commentaries is open to all. test

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