ToC of the Journal of Cognition and Culture

Here is the table of content of the last issue (Volume 8, Numbers 3-4, 2008 ) of the Journal of Cognition and Culture.






Cultural Differences in Perception: Observations from a Remote Culture





pp. 189-209(21)
Authors: Davidoff, Jules; Fonteneau, Elisabeth; Goldstein, Julie

A Colour Sorting Task Reveals the Limits of the Universalist/Relativist Dichotomy: Colour Categories Can Be Both Language Specific and Perceptual

pp. 211-233(23)
Authors: Claidière, Nicolas; Jraissati, Yasmina; Chevallier, Coralie

Yukatek Maya Children's Attributions of Belief to Natural and Non-natural Entities

pp. 235-243(9)
Author: Knight, Nicola

Human Spatial Behaviour: The Spacing of People, Objects and Animals in Six Cross-Cultural Samples 

pp. 245-280(36)
Authors: Høgh-Olesen, Henrik

Humiliation and the Inertia Effect: Implications for Understanding Violence and Compromise in Intractable Intergroup Conflicts

pp. 281-294(14)
Authors: Ginges, Jeremy A.; Atran, Scott

Religious Solidarity: The Hand Grenade Experiment 

pp. 295-320(26)
Authors: Bulbulia, Joseph; Mahoney, Andrew

Holism in a European Cultural Context: Differences in Cognitive Style between Central and East Europeans and Westerners

pp. 321-333(13)
Authors: Varnum, Michael E.W.; Grossmann, Igor; Daniela,; Nisbett, Richard E.; Kitayama, Shinobu

Evidence Against Linguistic Relativity in Chinese and English: A Case Study of Spatial and Temporal Metaphors

pp. 335-357(23)
Authors: Tse, Chi-Shing; Altarriba, Jeanette

Number Conceptualisation among Lebanese Micro-Business Owners who Engage in Orally-Based Versus Paper-Based Numeracy Practices: An Experimental Cognitive Ethnography

pp. 359-385(27)
Author: Zebian, Samar

Descartes' Mistake: How Afterlife Beliefs Challenge the Assumption that Humans are Intuitive Cartesian Substance Dualists

pp. 387-415(29)
Author: Hodge, K. Mitch

The Devil's Advocate: Secular Arguments Diminish both Implicit and Explicit Religious Belief 

pp. 417-423(7)
Authors: Shariff, Azim F.A.; Cohen, Adam B.; ANorenzayan, Ara

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