ToC of Mind and Society

Here is the Table of Content of the last issue of Mind and Society (Volume 7, Number 2 / novembre 2008):



Massimiliano Carrara • Marzia Soavi
Ontology for information systems. Artefacts as a case study


Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic
Model validity and semantics of information


Vittorio Girotto • Katya Tentori Is domain-general thinking a domain-specific adaptation?


Shaul Kimhi • Shifra Sagy
Moral justification and feelings of adjustment to military law-enforcement situation: The case of Israeli soldiers serving at army roadblocks


Lea-Rachel D. Kosnik
Refusing to budge: A confirmatory bias in decision making?


Oshin Vartanian • David Mandel Taboo or tragic: effect of tradeoff type on moral choice, conflict, and confidence


Andrea Pozzali
Tacit Knowledge, implicit learning and scientific reasoning


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