The Opening Conference of the Cognitive Development Center at CEU

The recently established Cognitive Development Center at the Central European University, led by Professors Gergely Csibra and György Gergely, will hold its Opening Conference in Budapest on January 15 and 16, 2010.

The speakers of the conference are: Susan Carey (Harvard),  Susan Gelman (University of Michigan),  Mark Johnson (Birkbeck, London),  Alan Leslie (Rutgers), Dan Sperber (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris),  and Mike Tomasello (MPI EVA, Leipzig); and the hosts: Gergely Csibra (CEU) and György Gergely (CEU).

Attendance is free but pre-registration is required There is an opportunity to present a limited number of posters at the conference. Interested students are encouraged to submit an abstract of maximum 250 words with their registration before November 1.




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