Social Norms and Cultural Dynamics

A Special Issue on "Social Norms and Cultural Dynamics" of Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (Volume 129, July 2015) Edited by Michael Morris, Ying-yi Hong and Chi-Yue Chiu.
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Normology: Integrating insights about social norms to understand cultural dynamics

Michael W. Morris, Ying-yi Hong, Chi-yue Chiu, Zhi Liu


Societal threat and cultural variation in the strength of social norms: An evolutionary basis

Patrick Roos, Michele Gelfand, Dana Nau, Janetta Lun


Responses to normative and norm-violating behavior: Culture, job mobility, and social inclusion and exclusion

Jennifer Whitson, Cynthia S. Wang, Joongseo Kim, Jiyin Cao, Alex Scrimpshire


Infectious diseases, contamination rumors and ethnic violence: Regimental mutinies in the Bengal Native Army in 1857 India

Sunasir Dutta, Hayagreeva Rao


Mere exposure affects perceived descriptive norms: Implications for personal preferences and trust

Letty Y.-Y. Kwan, Suhui Yap, Chi-yue Chiu


Bidirectional associations between descriptive and injunctive norms

Kimmo Eriksson, Pontus Strimling, Julie C. Coultas


When norms loom larger than the self: Susceptibility of preference–choice consistency to normative influence across cultures

Krishna Savani, Monica Wadhwa, Yukiko Uchida, Yu Ding, N.V.R. Naidu


Egalitarianism makes organizations stronger: Cross-national variation in institutional and psychological equality predicts talent levels and the performance of national teams

Roderick I. Swaab, Adam D. Galinsky


Balancing evidence and norms in cultural evolution

Robert J. MacCoun


Epistemic motivation and perpetuation of group culture: Effects of need for cognitive closure on trans-generational norm transmission

Stefano Livi, Arie W. Kruglanski, Antonio Pierro, Lucia Mannetti, David A. Kenny

Social transmission of cultural practices and implicit attitudes

Yoshihisa Kashima, Simon M. Laham, Jennifer Dix, Bianca Levis, Darlene Wong, Melissa Wheeler


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