Postdoc for Canadian Citizen in Toronto

Dr Afzal Upal, of Defence Research & Development, Canada-Toronto, informs us: "I am planning to start a 3-year research project on human terrain modeling from April 1, 2011. The basic idea is to study intergroup dynamics by first collecting field data on inter-group perceptions (e.g., Canadian perceptions of Americans and vice versa) and then simulate some aspects of the dynamics of intergroup perceptions in an agent-based society. I feel comfortable with the simulation part but I need help with the social theory building, data collection, and analysis. I think that the most appropriate person would be someone with training in psychology or anthropology, familiar with qualitative techniques, and with some experience of working in the field (as opposed to the lab). I am only allowed to hire a Canadian citizen and only for the duration of the project (although there may be opportunities for further work and a permanent position may open up in the future). The position would require full time presence in suburban Toronto area. Pay is negotiable. Please feel free to forward it to anyone you think may be interested."




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