Post-doctoral position in: human evolution, economics and politics

This two-year post-doctoral position is to work with Pascal Boyer as part of a new interdisciplinary project at the University of Lyons, France, starting September 2013.

deadline: May the 26th., 2013.

The goal of this project is to investigate the influence of evolved human psychology on social processes typical of modern, large-scale societies. This work will focus on such topics as the design of institutions and their reliance on evolved preferences for cooperation; perceptions of markets and our social exchange psychology; how our “intuitive sociology” is based on evolved small-group interaction; how an evolved psychology of dominance and power is relevant to understanding modern politics; how political programs recruit intuitive moral understandings; etc. Some possible directions of research are described in a summary of the grant proposal. Knowledge of French is not required.

Candidates should have pursued doctoral research in a relevant field in psychology, anthropology, economics or political science. If you are interested, please send Pascal Boyer a CV and relevant publications (or links) as well as a short letter of motivation describing how you would envisage your contribution to this programme. Email: pboyer [at]


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