PhD studentships in Cognitive Science at Central European University, Budapest

The Department of Cognitive Science at CEU invites applications for doctoral student positions starting in September 2016. This is a research-based training program in human cognition with social cognition, learning and perception as core themes. Research topics include communication, cooperation, computational neuroscience, cultural transmission, developmental social cognition, embodied cognition, joint action, problem solving, sensory and statistical learning, social cognitive neuroscience, social learning, strategic decision making, visual cognition and visual psychophysics.

Students will follow courses in cognitive anthropology, cognitive psychology, computational cognition, linguistics, philosophy of mind, traditional and Bayesian statistics and visual perception and learning. In addition, they will receive practical research training in the laboratories of the members of this new department.

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Admission criteria

Applicants are expected to hold an internationally recognized Master's or comparable degree in the standard disciplines that constitute cognitive science ( psychology, computer science, philosophy, engineering, biology, neuroscience, physics and mathematics). A comparable degree in other Social Sciences, Humanities, or other disciplines will also be considered in case of an excellent academic record. In case of exceptional candidates, we will also consider the applications if the student only holds a Bachelor degree, provided it is in a discipline closely associated to cognitive science.

Application materials

As part of their application package, applicants must submit the following materials as general CEU requirements:

The completed Online Application Form 2016/2017

A curriculum vitae or resume, including a list of publications, if any

Proof of English proficiency (please see CEU Language Requirements here)

Two letters of recommendation

Academic records – please consult `How to apply`

A research proposal of 1000 to 2000 words. The research proposal should include the research questions, aims and objectives of a research project that is related to the ongoing work in the department. The proposal should situate the project in the context of the existing literature, be clear as to the expected academic contribution, and outline possible appropriate analytical frameworks and methodologies. Note that, if admitted, students will not be expected to pursue the research project as it is outlined in the proposal (though it may form the basis of their doctoral work). The submitted research proposal will be used during the application process to assess the applicant's understanding of what doing research in cognitive science entails.

We encourage applicants to consult the website and approach appropriate members of the faculty in advance in order to check the suitability of their research plans.

Application Deadline: February 4, 2016, 24:00 Pacific Standard Time

Admissions Process

February 4, 2016:

Applications are submitted to all doctoral programs as well as for the CEU-administered institutional TOEFL (see also: item 6 of the Application Checklist) Following an initial review by the Admissions Office, applications are either passed on for academic evaluation or rejected for formal reasons.

March 10, 2016:

Deadline for applicants to submit individual standard test scores (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) to the Admissions Office.

Individual interviews may take place, either by Skype or telephone.

Starting April 1, 2016:

Admissions decisions are made available via the online application system to candidates that applied by February 4. Email notifications are sent out starting on this date. Each decision is made by an academic selection committee within the given program on the basis of the candidate's past academic achievement, strength of recommendations, English language competency, intellectual merit, work experience (if applicable), expectations of the program, future plans, and general compatibility with the goals of the academic unit.

April 2, 2016:

CEU-administered TOEFL take place at all designated CEU test locations.

Candidates who applied for any CEU-administered admissions tests will be notified of the time and location by the local CEU representatives organizing the testing prior to the exam date. Please note: for the CEU-administered TOEFL, only those candidates whose applications meet all other admissions requirements will be invited.

Application information about the candidates (including test results) is confidential and only available to the candidates concerned.

Track your status

In order to learn the decision about your application to CEU, please login to your online application , and click "Track your status". Financial Aid: please go here for information about CEU financial aid packages.

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