New issue of the Journal of Cognition and Culture

A new and excellent issue (11, 1-2) of the Journal of Cognition and Culture. For the Table of Contents,

Cross-Cultural Preferences in Spatial Reasoning
Authors: Knauff, Markus; Ragni, Marco

Memory, Mystery and Coherence: Does the Presence of 2-3 Counterintuitive Concepts Predict Cultural Success of a Narrative?
Author: Upal, M. Afzal

A Preliminary Study on Categorization Type (Rule-Based versus Family Resemblance Judgement) in a Group of Iranian Students
Authors: Mohsenifar, Setareh; Arjmand, Mohsen; Ghassemzadeh, Habibollah; Salimi, Shabnam

Five Clarifications about Cultural Evolution
Author: Gabora, Liane

On the Universality of Argumentative Reasoning
Author: Mercier, Hugo

Cognitive Constraints on the Visual Arts: An Empirical Study of the Role of Perceived Intentions in Appreciation Judgements
Authors: Jucker, Jean-Luc; Barrett, Justin L.

Just Rewards: Children and Adults Equate Accidental Inequity with Intentional Unfairness
Authors: Donovan, Elizabeth; Kelemen, Deborah

Moral Creationism: The Science of Morality and the Mutiny of Romantic Relativism
Author: Haque, Omar Sultan

Naming Patterns and Inductive Inference: The Case of Birds
Author: Tarlowski, Andrzej

Humor as Violation and Deprecation: A Cognitive Anthropological Account
Author: Purzycki, Benjamin Grant

Is Weaker Inhibition Associated with Supernatural Beliefs?
Authors: Lindeman, Marjaana; Riekki, Tapani; Hood, Bruce M.

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