New issue of Mind & Society

A new issue, of Mind & Society (Volume 11, Issue 2, December 2012). For the ToC,

Table of contents:
Andrea Polonioli: "Gigerenzer’s ‘external validity argument’ against the heuristics and biases program: an assessment"

Nicholas Rescher: "The problem of future knowledge"

Adi Mana, Shifra Sagy, Anan Srour, Serene Mjally-Knani: "Perceptions of collective narratives and identity strategies: the case of Palestinian Muslims and Christians in Israel"

Cristina Meini, Alfredo Paternoster : "Mirror neurons as a conceptual mechanism?"

Marco Monti, Riccardo Boero, Nathan Berg, Gerd Gigerenzer: "How do common investors behave? Information search and portfolio choice among bank customers and university students"

John Smith: "The endogenous nature of the measurement of social preferences"

Merja Bauters: "Book Review of: Emanuele Bardone: Seeking chances: from biased rationality to distributed cognition"

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