Morality in cognition and culture: A Cerisy colloquium (4th-11th of September, 2013)

Registration is still open for the conference organized by the Cerisy cultural centre and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. The complete program can be found here. For more information, write to:

The conference will be in English.

Participants: Jean-Baptiste André, Nicolas Baumard, Maurice Bloch, Fabrice Clément, Emma Cohen, Florian Cova, Francesca Giardini, Monica Heintz, Laurence Kaufmann, Pierre Jacob, Arne Jarrick, Pierre Liénard, Olivier Morin, Ruwen Ogien, Isabelle Rivoal, Paulo Sousa, Victor Stoichita, Denis Vidal
Thomas Widlock…

Cerisy website.

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