Mind and society: Special issue on social simulation

The latest issue of Mind and Society (Volume 8, Number 2 / décembre 2009), a journal of obvious cognition and culture relevance, is on social simulation. Here is the table of content:


Special issue on: Social simulation

Rosaria Conte, 127-130

The challenge of social simulation: an introduction to the special issue
Flaminio Squazzoni, 131-134

‘Binge' drinking in the UK: a social network phenomenon
Paul Ormerod and Greg Wiltshire, 135-152

Normal = Normative? The role of intelligent agents in norm innovation
Marco Campenní, Giulia Andrighetto, Federico Cecconi and Rosaria Conte, 153-172

Modelling the emergence and dynamics of social and workplace segregation
Mohamed Abdou and Nigel Gilbert, 173-191

The social transmission of choice: a simulation with applications to hegemonic discourse
Edmund Chattoe-Brown, 193-207

Investigating the force multiplier effect of citizen event reporting by social simulation
Mark A. Kramer, Roger Costello and John Griffith, 209-221

Self-emerging coordination mechanisms for knowledge integration processes
Edoardo Mollona and Andrea Marcozzi, 223-241

Hybrid models for achieving and maintaining cooperative symbiotic groups
İlker Yıldırım and Pınar Yolum, 243 – 258

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