Journal of Cognition and Culture: New issue

Volume 12, (3-4) of the Journal of Cogition and Culture is out. TheTable of Content:

Learning Possession Trance and Evaluating Oracles' Truthfulness in Jinè Cults of Bèlèdugu (Mali)
Author: Berger, Laurent

Implicit Bias, Executive Control and Information Processing Speed
Authors: Diamond, Bruce J.; Haines, Elizabeth L.; Moors, Amy C.; Mosley, Joseph E.; McKim, Daniel; Moreines, Jared

Chinese and Westerners Respond Differently to the Trolley Dilemmas
Authors: Ahlenius, Henrik; Tännsjö, Torbjörn

Learning Aspects of Hunting Via a Conformist Bias Could Promote Optimal Foraging in Lowland Nicaragua
Authors: Koster, Jeremy M.; Venegas, Maria D.

Social Support Predicts Perceived Cultural Salience of Prosocial Ideas but not Normativeness of Prosocial Behaviour
Author: Maltseva, Kateryna

Children's and Adults' Intuitions about Who Can Own Things
Authors: Noles, Nicholaus S.; Keil, Frank C.; Bloom, Paul; Gelman, Susan A.

A Cognitive Social Simulation of Tribal Survival Strategies: The Importance of Cognitive and Motivational Factors
Authors: Sun, Ron; Fleischer, Pierson

Is Religion Essential? Beliefs about Religious Categories
Authors: Segev, Michal; Bergman, Yoav S.; Diesendruck, Gil

Core Folkbiological Concepts: New Evidence from Wichí Children and Adults
Authors: Tavernaa, Andrea S.; Waxman, Sandra R.; Medin, Douglas L.; Peralta, Olga A.

Conformity Effect Sizes are Smaller on the Frontier
Author: Varnum, Michael E. W.

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