Joint PhD in the Cognitive Science of Religion (2016-17 Studentship)

The Institute of Cognition and Culture (ICC) is offering a DEL Studentship for the Doctoral programme in the Cognitive the Science of Religion that has been established by Aarhus University [READMORE](Graduate School of Arts/Religion, Cognition and Culture Research Unit) and Queen’s University, Belfast (School of History and Anthropology/Institute of Cognition and Culture).

Eligibility. UK and EU residents. Non-EU residents are not eligible for this scheme.

Fees and maintenance. UK-resident applicants are eligible for full fees and maintenance. Other EU-resident (including Republic of Ireland) applicants are eligible for a fees-only award.

Further detail and application procedure. Applications are invited from strong candidates interested in the area of the cognitive science of religion. Candidates should have an MA in anthropology, psychology or a related discipline. A 750-word research proposal in the area of the cognitive science of religion is also required. For additional details on application procedure, applicants should contact Dr Paulo Sousa

Closing date. Friday 29 April 2016.

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