International Conference on Thinking 2012 London

The 7th International Conference on Thinking will take place on the 4th to 6th July 2012 at Birkbeck College and University College London focusing on the most recent research on thinking from psychological, cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience perspectives. To submit papers, posters, or symposia proposals and to register please go to Deadline for submission: 31 March 2012.



There will be a Keynote talk and introductory drinks reception on the evening of the 3rd July. The previous 6th ICT was held in Venice in 2008 and are part of a series that started in Aberdeen in 1988 (1992: Plymouth; 1996: UCL; 2000: Durham; 2004: Leuven; 2008: Venice). There will be three full days of conference presentations taking place in the historic city of London just before it hosts the 2012 Olympics. So along with London’s usual attractions, participants will be able to tour the Olympic sites in Stratford, where Birkbeck College is about to open a second centre.



Key Note Speakers: Maya Bar-Hillel (Hebrew University, Israel); Jonathan Evans (University of Plymouth, UK); Chris Frith FRS (University College London, UK); Keith Holyoak (University of California Los Angeles, USA); Phil Johnson-Laird FRS (Princeton University, USA); Dan Sperber (CNRS Paris, France); Josh Tenenbaum (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Symposium Key Note Speakers: The organisers feel strongly that the role of this event should be to bring on new researchers early in their careers who are making novel and exciting contributions to the field. To meet this goal, they have decided on the innovative proposal that all half day symposia should include a Symposium Key Note Speaker, who would typically be considered as an early career researcher. The conference will make a small bursary available to help these speakers with their expenses. Symposium Key Note Speakers will not address the whole conference but will be given substantially more time to speak (40 minutes).

There are several targeted symposia, which include: Analogical Reasoning, Argumentation, Bayesian Approaches, Causal Learning and Reasoning, Cognitive and Social Neuroscience of Reasoning, Dual Processes, Mental Models, Moral Reasoning and Values, New Paradigm Psychology of Reasoning.

As details of these and other symposia become available they will be promulgated on the web site and by Twitter (see the web site).

To submit papers, posters, or symposia proposals and to register please go to


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