In the Journal of Cognition and Culture

Good stuff in the last issue (vol 9, 1-2, 2009) of the Journal of Cognition and Culture (that provides "an interdisciplinary forum for exploring the mental foundations of culture and the cultural foundations of mental life. The primary focus of the journal is on explanations of cultural phenomena in terms of acquisition, representation and transmission involving cognitive capacities without excluding the study of cultural differences"). See the ToC below. 

Picasso Paintings, Moon Rocks, and Hand-Written Beatles Lyrics: Adults' Evaluations of Authentic Objects
pp. 1-14(14)
Authors: Frazier, Brandy N.; Gelman, Susan A.; Wilson, Alice; Hood, Bruce M.

The Ordinary Conception of Race in the United States and Its Relation to Racial Attitudes: A New Approach
pp. 15-38(24)
Authors: Glasgow, Joshua; Shulman, Julie L.; Covarrubias, Enrique G.

The Development of Theory of Mind Reasoning in Micronesian Children
pp. 39-56(18)
Author: Oberle, Eva

The Effect of Integration on Recall of Counterintuitive Stories
pp. 57-68(12)
Authors: Harmon-Vukić, M.E.; Slone, D. Jason

What Belongs in a Fictional World?
pp. 69-78(10)
Authors: Weisberg, Deena Skolnick; Goodstein, Joshua

Can the Modes Theory of Religiosity Account for Mystical Traditions? An Empirical Study of Practitioners of Yoga and Meditation
pp. 79-113(35)
Author: Ketola, Kimmo

Conditional Promises and Threats in Germany, China, and Tonga: Cognition and Emotion
pp. 115-139(25)
Authors: Beller, Sieghard; Bender, Andrea; Song, Jie
Book Reviews

The Frog Who Croaked Blue: Synesthesia and the mixing of the senses
pp. 141-143(3)
Author: Barrett, Justin L.

A Friendly Letter to Skeptics and Atheists: Musings On Why God is Good and Faith Isn't Evil
pp. 144-145(2)
Author: Burdett, Emily Reed

Alone in the World? Human Uniqueness in Science and Theology
pp. 146-147(2)
Author: Barrett, Justin L.


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