Encultured Brain conference 8 Oct. 2009 at the U. of Notre Dame

The Encultured Brain conference will be held 8 October 2009 at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. This conference will promote neuroanthropology, which aims to integrate anthropology, social theory, and the brain sciences. As the first conference exclusively in this area, The Encultured Brain will provide a vision for the future of this line of integrative research, sparking conversations and establishing connections across disciplinary boundaries.

Abstracts must be submitted by September 4th, 2009.



Two keynote presentations will be delivered by Prof. Patricia Greenfield of UCLA and Prof. Harvey Whitehouse of Oxford University.



There are two main options for individuals to present their work, both designed to maximize the number of people who learn about each other's research. A poster session will permit conference participants to show off substantive research and new ideas in a way that facilitates intellectual exchange in this emerging area of research. Speed presentations are short talks of five minutes delivered to the whole assembled conference about what researchers, from advanced professors to students, are working on or would like to work on. We will have pre-printed message pads to allow the whole conference to share thoughts, as well as ample chances during breaks to make further contact and build substantive discussions.

There will also be a roundtable on research methods for breaking new ground in neuroanthropology. Finally, Greg Downey and Daniel Lende, the conference organizers and founders of Neuroanthropology.net, will deliver formal addresses outlining their respective visions for the field.

For more information, go to http://neuroanthropology.net/conference/ or email us at encultured.brain@gmail.com.



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