Cognitive Science PhD program at Central European University

PhD studentships are available at the new doctoral program in Cognitive Science at Central European University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary.

The newly established Department of Cognitive Science at CEU invites applications for its doctoral program starting September 2011. This is a research-based training program that specializes in, but is not restricted to, the study of social cognition. Research topics include cooperation, communication, social learning, cultural transmission, joint action, developmental social cognition, strategic decision making, visual cognition, statistical learning, and social cognitive neuroscience. Students will follow courses in cognitive psychology, philosophy of mind, cognitive anthropology, computational cognition and linguistics, and will receive practical research training in the laboratories of the members of this new department. Faculty includes…



Gergely CSIBRA
(cognitive development, cognitive neuroscience)
József FISER
(visual perception and cognition, biological and statistical learning)
(infant cognition, developmental psychopathology)
Christophe HEINTZ
(culture and cognition, scientific cognition, cognitive economics)
(experimental psychology, social cognition, thinking)
Natalie SEBANZ
(social cognition, social cognitive neuroscience)
(culture and cognition, communication and language, evolution)
(theories of language, linguistic diversity)



Applicants are expected to hold a master's degree in one of the disciplines that constitute Cognitive Science, though in exceptional cases we will consider applications from students who only hold a bachelor's degree. Successful candidates will receive full funding for 3 years and further benefits.

For the details of the admission process see here.

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