CFP : Conference on cognitive development, Central European University, Budapest

Invited Speakers : Ellen Markman (Stanford University), Josep Call (MPI EVA, Leipzig), and the hosts: György Gergely & Gergely Csibra (CEU)

The conference will be held on January 14-15, 2011. Deadline for symposia: 10th September, 2010, Deadline for posters: 10th October, 2010. Call for symposium and poster submissions – Official website.



Development of social cognition in the first two years of life
Organizer: Ulf Liszkowski (MPI, Nijmegen)
Integrated approaches to phonological and lexical development
Organizer: Thierry Nazzi (CNRS-Universite Paris Descartes)
Comparative aspects of social cognition: caveats and perspectives
Organizer: József Topál (MTA, PKI, Hungary)
Developmental origins of property ownership
Organizer: Ori Friedman (University of Waterloo)

We welcome poster and symposium submissions in all areas of cognitive development. Abstracts for posters should be max 250 words. Symposium submissions should contain an integrative statement of max 500 words, and abstracts for each presentation (max 4 presentations, max 250 words each); symposia should aim to integrate different viewpoints in the field. Number of participants is limited to 100, and there will be no parallel sessions.




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