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AOTCANTHROPOLOGY OF THIS CENTURY is a new free online journal "that publishes reviews of recent works in anthropology and related disciplines, as well as occasional feature articles". Judging from the first issue (see in particular the reviews by Charles Stafford, the Editor, and James Laidlaw, and the feature piece by Maurice Bloch), anthropological issues of cognition and culture relevance are welcome.

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Table of contents


Chris Fuller:

Timepass and Boredom in Modern India

(Review of: Timepass: Youth, Class and The Politics of Waiting in India by Craig Jeffrey)

Sherry Ortner:

On Neoliberalism
(Review of:
The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein
A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey
Inside Job a film by Charles Ferguson)

Emma Tarlo:

Reflections on Ghetto Anthropology

(Review of: Mitzvah Girls: Bringing up the next generation of Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn by Ayala Fader)

Charles Stafford:

Living with the Economists
(Review of:
Economic Persuasions edited by Stephen Gudeman
Economy's Tension: The Dialectics of Community and Market by Stephen Gudeman)

Harry Walker:

A Problem With Words

(Review of: Christian Moderns: Freedom and fetish in the mission encounter By Webb Keane)

James Laidlaw:

Morality and Honour

(Review of: The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen By Kwame Anthony Appiah)

Feature article

Maurice Bloch

The Blob

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