A new “Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion”

The new "Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion" is the official journal of the International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion (founded in 2006).

Blurb: "The cognitive science of religion is a burgeoning field that finds itself in the center of cross-disciplinary research. Cognition is understood in a variety of ways from bottom-up to top-down models and theories. New insights into cognition, culture and religion are being discovered, new ways of doing research are being established and new methodologies and technologies are being used in the cognitive science of religion. The number of scholars and scientists working in this exciting field are expanding exponentially, and the journal provides a cutting-edge publication channel for this field."

Editors: Pascal Boyer, University of Washington in St. Louis; Armin W. Geertz, Aarhus University; Luther H. Martin, University of Vermont.



Managing Editors: Ryan McKay, Oxford University; Dimitris Xygalatas, Aarhus University



Book review Editor: Istvan Czachesz, University of Bochum

The editors will consider the following types of original papers:

General and research articles (maximum 6,000 words)

Research reports (up to 4,000 words)

Short Reports (up to 2,500 words)

Commentaries, Addenda, and Book Reviews (up to 1,500 words)

Invited target articles (up to 8,000 words)

Frequency: Continuous online publication comprising 2 issues per volume year

Please do consider sending your manuscripts to the journal. Submission information as well as subscription information is found at the journal website.

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