This year’s Edge question

The new The Edge annual question, and the answers, are now online.

The question was: "What scientific idea is ready for retirement?"

Here are some answers that could be relevant to the ICCI crowd:

Oliver Scott Curry Associationism

N.J. Enfield A Science of Language Should Be Concerned Only With 'Competence'

Tom Griffiths Bias is Always Bad

Laura Betzig Culture

Scott Atran IQ

Rob Kurzban Cartesian Hydrolicism

Pascal Boyer Culture

Dan Sperber The Standard Approach To Meaning

Jon Haidt The Pursuit of Parsimony

John Tooby Learning And Culture

Steve Pinker Behavior = Genes + Environment

Dan Dennett The Hard Problem

Nick Humphreys The Bigger An Animal's Brain, The Greater Its Intelligence

Laurie Santos & Tamar Gendler Knowing is Half the Battle

David Berreby People Are Sheep

Benjamin K. Bergen Universal Grammar

Kiley Hamlin Moral Blank State-ism

And here's my take.


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    Davie Yoon 7 May 2014 (21:09)

    And here’s another I enjoyed greatly — particularly after being blown away by an invited lecture from Frances Champagne of Columbia University on mice epigenetics:

    Athena Vouloumanos, Natural Selection is the Only Engine of Evolution