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Hugo writes mainly about cognitive psychology – in particular reasoning – with the occasional foray into cultural phenomena.

Cold and warm relationships: A universal metaphor?

Two papers have recently come out on the relationship between physical and interpersonal warmth. Pedersen's illustration of Andersen's tale "The Little Match Girl" The first, by

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The spontaneous expression of pride and shame

It's quite refreshing to see such a creative use of methodology to investigate cross-cultural universals: The present research examined whether the recognizable nonverbal expressions associated

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Cumulative cultural evolution in the lab

A new paper studying cultural evolution (in that case language-like evolution) experimentally by the Edinburgh crew: Simon Kirby, Hannah Cornish, and Kenny Smith Cumulative cultural evolution in

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Culture and the Brain

In the last Nature Reviews Neuroscience, a paper reviewing the work showing cultural differences in brain activation. I'm afraid there's no non-gated version, but here's the abstract:

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The natural order of events

An interesting paper in the last PNAS. Susan Goldin-Meadow and her colleagues have demonstrated that speakers from very different language groups all process the order of events in a similar way in

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