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This is the blog of the MINT Journal Club where we monthly discuss papers on minds and traditions.

Article for December: Population size does not explain past changes in cultural complexity (?)

Dear friends of the Mint’s Journal Club, For the last month of 2016 we decided to read the paper from Krist Vaesen et al. Population size does not explain past changes in cultural complexity. ...

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Article for November: Probabilistic pragmatics

Hi everyone! November’s article for the Mint Journal club is a recent publication by Michael Franke and Gerhard Jäger called Probabilistic pragmatics, or why Bayes’ rule is probably important ...

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Article for October: Pragmatic Choice in Conversation

In October we read the paper from Raymond W. Gibbs and Guy Van Orden, published in Topics in Cognitive Science in 2012, Pragmatic Choice in Conversation. The authors are discussing regularity and ...

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Article for September: Image, Memory and Ritual: Re-viewing the Antecedents of Writing

Welcome (finally!) to the new edition of Mint Journal Club, hosted by the International Cognition and Culture Institute! This month we agreed on reading and discussing the paper by Sarah Kielt ...

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