from day 02/02/2011

Introduction – Reasoning as a social device

Introduction -- Reasoning as a social device (link to the article)Hugo MercierThe social context exerts a very important influence on our decisions, which has not been considered in its full extent by research in decision making. Several strategies are available to take social factors into ...

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What’s wrong, in the end, with Homo Œconomicus ?

Everyone likes to bash Homo œconomicus - not one stone was left uncast at the poor chap. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good stoning just as much as the next religious fanatic, but this may be a case in which we executed the right fellow for the wrong reasons.Most people argued ...

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Why would (otherwise intelligent) scholars believe in

I do not know if many scholars of religion still believe in gods or spirits, but I know that a great many of them believe in the existence of religion itself - that is, believe that the term "religion" is a useful category, that there is such a thing as religion out there in the world, ...

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