from day 06/08/2009

Scylla and Charybdis

Some of the most enduring kinds of cultural traditions have been interpretive in nature. My research has focused on the interaction of cognition and culture surrounding the Christian Bible, but in this series I am explore a broader general model of interpretive traditions. This is the fifth and ...

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Repeated learning makes cultural evolution unique

To appear in PNAS (available with subscription here), a critique of close analogies between biological and cultural evolution : "Repeated learning makes cultural evolution unique" by Pontus Strimling, Magnus Enquist, and Kimmo Eriksson from the Centre for the Study of Cultural ...

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Nicola Knight Memorial Page

(from Brian Malley) Maria Doglioli and I have now completed a webpage honoring Nicola Knight.  The page contains most of Nicola's published writing, a bio, a link to his blog entries on this site, and Nicola's short discussion of his name.  The ...

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