from day 09/12/2008

Culture and sex ratio in China

In PNAS (Prodeedings of the National Academy of Science), December 9, 2008 vol. 105 no. 49 19171-19176 An article by Mikhail Lipatov, Shuzhuo Li, and Marcus W. Feldman : "Economics, cultural transmission, and the dynamics of the sex ratio at birth in China" Here is the abstract: ...

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ToC of Mind and Society

Here is the Table of Content of the last issue of Mind and Society (Volume 7, Number 2 / novembre 2008):     Massimiliano Carrara • Marzia Soavi Ontology for information systems. Artefacts as a case study   Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic Model validity and semantics ...

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The Wisdom of Whores

I realize it may be a bit late, but I'm just discovering the wonderful 'The Wisdom of Whores’ by Elizabeth Pisani (and this is her blog). She's an epidemiologist working on AIDS and the book is full of information on the virus, the way it spreads and the way it is being dealt ...

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